Pacing and Speeding Tickets

As it is, pacing and speeding tickets should never go together. Pacing is when an officer will follow you maintaining the same distance and looking at his/her speedometer to see if you are speeding.

Pacing isn’t a fair way to see if you are speeding. Your defense is found in the calibration or lack thereof of the police car.

If you do go to court for a ticket from an officer pacing you, you do have a defense. You can ask when the vehicle was last calibrated and that the calibration certificate is present in court.

As found in my book “How to Beat a Speeding Ticket

Ask the officer as to the exact distances covered from the time the officer began to pace the speed of your vehicle until you were stopped. You would also want to know the estimated distance between the two vehicles at all times. Review the math and see if the officer actually had to speed up in order to close the distance between your vehicles before he pulled you over. It’s possible he could have used the accelerated speed and used that speed as the basis for the ticket.

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